What Is Scrip?

Scrip means “substitute money.” When you purchase Scrip, you purchase gift cards that can be used just like cash for everyday purchases such as groceries, clothing, gas, etc. Dallas Ballet Company buys Scrip at a discount, you purchase the gift cards for full face value (the cards are worth the amount you pay), and the difference is your rebate! Rebate percentages vary by retailer and range from 1.5%-15+%. All rebates earned by your family will be deposited in your own DBCo Scrip account and may be used to pay for DBCo dues, RDA and other DBCo expenses.

You must complete a Scrip Program Agreement Form to participate. If you have any questions, contact Coleen Roudebush at coleencr@bellsouth.net.

DBCo offers two Scrip programs:


ShopWithScrip.com Gift cards are purchased online. Plastic cards may be purchased every 2 weeks (see calendars below) or e-cards may be purchased anytime. GLSC merchants include Tom Thumb, Albertsons, Sprouts, Whole Foods, Home Depot, Lowes, AMC, Starbucks, Petsmart, CVS, Walgreens, Target, WalMart/Sam’s, iTunes, Texaco, Shell…plus hundreds more! Setting up an account is easy: 
Create Your Account

  1. Go to www.ShopwithScrip.com.
  2. Click “Family Sign Up”.
  3. Follow 4 simple steps and click “I Accept”.
  4. Enter the Enrollment Code: E15BDL3E18799.
  5. Click “Join”.

Link It To Your Bank Account

  1. Log into your Scrip account. Click the link to begin the PrestoPay enrollment process
  2. Read terms and conditions and click “Yes, and I Agree”
  3. Enter bank information, PIN and Validation Code shown on screen. Click “Next”
  4. To verify your account information, GLSC will make two small deposits into your bank account. Once you receive the deposits, take note of both amounts.
  5. Return to www.ShopWithScrip.com and enter the two-digit amounts. Click “Next”
  6. When you receive an email from Scrip with a 4-digit approval code, email/forward the code to coleencr@bellsouth.net.
  7. You will receive a final email from Scrip once your approval code has been entered in the system. You are now ready to shop!

Kroger Gift Card Program


  • Cards are sold on a weekly basis in the DBC lobby (see calendars below)
  • Gift card denominations are $50, $100, and $500.
  • Cards purchased with Cash or Check receive a 5% rebate; 4% with a Credit Card.

Scrip Forms

Scrip Program Agreement Form
Scrip Shopping Examples
Scrip Payment Commitment